dns server and client

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  • Inetutils 1.5

    Inetutils is a collection of common network programs. It includes: * An FTP client and server. * A telnet client and server. * An rsh client and server. * An rlogin client and server. * A tftp client and
  • App Runner 1.1

    Features in App Runner server and client App Runner is a tiny client/server application - server is installed in the Gateway computer and the client is installed in the client computers. You can allow and add
  • Firewall Client for ISA Server 4.0 Build 4.0.3

    Firewall client for ISA server can be optionally installed on client computers protected by Microsoft ISA server. Firewall client for ISA server provides enhanced security, application support, and access control for
  • JavaCom 0.5a

    server/client Chat environment that allows a client to send a message or file to another client on the server. If the other client is not Currently on the server, the server will save the file or message for that client
  • TekNetIPMain141 Client 9.0

    TekNet is a client which manages databases and client relations. TekNet software supports server/client architecture. It includes TekNet IP server software and TekNet IP client software. TekNet server must be installed
  • 2A-ChitChat

    The 2A-ChitChat client/server is a Chat application like e.g. ICQ or AIM and Similar programs. The 2A-ChitChat advantage is a completely ciphered data Transmission, free configuration of TCP-ports (only one port is used
  • Crossfire Client 1.60.2

    Crossfire is a client-side and server based game.Typically, a client is a software program ... that runs on a user's local computer or workstation and connects to a server as necessary. Operations may be performed
  • Dshare 1.0

    Dshare is a filesharing tool for small networks (for example WLANs). In this opensource freeware package are the Dshare server and the Dshare client included. On one server-computer the Dshare server will be installed
  • z2 Remote2PC 1.4.1420

    Z2 Remote2PC a free application that enables you to connect to a remote desktop computer or a Pocket PC device. This application is made up of the following elements: z2 R2PC PC server, z2 R2PC PC client, z2 R2PC Windows
  • YAZ++ 1.1.1

    YAZ++ is an application programming interface (API) to YAZ which supports the development of Z39.50/SRW/SRU client and server applications using C++. Like YAZ, it supports Z39.50-2003 (version 3) as well as SRW/SRU
  • ZIM Client 8.20

    ZIM client provides remote client access to ZIM database and application servers. In addition, ZIM client dramatically improves security as critical data now resides on the server. With all data residing on a centralized
  • Correspondence Beta

    A Library for creating occasionally connected clients. Features When you define your model for Correspondence, you get: * client-side storage * server-side storage * client-server communication *
  • YateClient 1

    You can use this yate software as a VoIP server and client as well as VoIP to PSTN gateway; PC2Phone and Phone2PC gateway; H.323 gatekeeper as well as multiple endpoint server, and SIP Proxy; SIP router and
  • ZRCS 3.3

    server transparently redirects any server side printing of logged on users in to the clients local printer. This feature works correctly even if there are multiple users with same user name logged on to the server.
  • TZO Dynamic DNS Lite 1.67

    This is the classic version of the TZO client software which first introduced the idea of linking a domain name to a Dynamic IP address. TZO uses true dynamic dns client/server technology and has one of the most
  • Citrix Program Neighborhood 9.237.53063

    Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent (PNa) consists of a server and client component. There is no separate installation package for the server component of PNa as it is integrated in the Citrix Web Interface setup. The PNa
  • Sjitter 0.18.1

    Sjitter is a command line client/server to measure jitter (based on RFC 1889), one way UDP delay and bandwidth. Prerequisites: The client and the server's date should be synchronise to compute the jitter. You can use
  • Ts3 Administration Tool

    TS3 server Administration Tool allow server administrators to easily administrate their server. Features:- Connect to serverQuery- View All servers (ID, Name, Slots, Channels, Connected clients, server online/offline,
  • USB Manager Server-Client 1.2

    USB Manager server-client 1.2 - The programmatic complex serves for a manage of USB - devices on the distant. This program has functions of complete switch on and switch off for USB ports for printers, scanners , audio
  • MySQL Connector C 6.0.2

    The handy MySQL Connector C is compatible with Windows, Windows x64, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, HP-UX, IBM AIX, IBM i5/OS. It is actually a C client library for client-server communication and does not rely on
  • FTP Password Recovery Wizard 1.1

    Recover your lost FTP passwords. File Transfers Protocol (FTP) was developed to transfer data reliably and efficiently between client and server. To provide data privacy, FTP-client must authenticate itself on the
  • Universal HTTP Tunnel 1.0

    Universal HTTP Tunnel is a network utility that allows network communications in firewall or proxy server transmission settings using HTTP or HTTPS channeling of any TCP communication between any client-server systems.
  • RenPrinters 1.6

    RenPrinters is a service for Windows server 2000, server 2003 and server 2008 that will rename printers installed by Terminal Service clients. Now supporting International operating systems with non-English characters
  • A Basic Client Server Application -

    Updated 5/29/09. This example shows you how to build a basic client/server application. This example sends a message from the client to the server and the server acknowledges the Receipt of the message. The source and a
  • DotK WebGame Engine 0.4

    Web-Based Role Playing Engine (for Web Game RPG). client implemented with JavaScript, Ajax, DOM and DHTML. On server, PHP and database (FireBird or MySQL). Ajax is used to communicate client to server. Live demo server:
  • ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server

    ArGoSoft Mini Mail server is a free application, which acts as a "bridge" between your email client, and ArGoSoft Mail Relay service. Mini Mail server is a perfect solution for travelers. Do you want to use your
  • DeltaCopy 1.1

    DeltaCopy is based on a client/server model where clients connect to a remove server and transfer files. The installer includes binaries for client as well as server. DeltaCopy server ?? Runs as Windows Service ??
  • Yate 1.1

    The next-generation telephony engine Yate is currently focused on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while its power lies in its ability to be easily extended. It has flexible routing engine that unifies the voice,
  • A Basic Client Server Application II -

    Updated 7/13/06. This version II example shows you how to build a basic client/server address application. The client sends a last name to the server and the server responds. Address infomation is stored in a 2x2 array
  • Perl Chat 0.1.1

    Perl Chat is a chat server and client written in perl. The server is in a stable state and right Now the client is in heavy development. The Tk module has been added and a GUI is being constructed to give the client an